#SOL22 Day 25: It’s Nice to Be Needed

I don’t understand

how it can be possible

to work on no sleep.

I do understand

how to do two jobs at once:

teacher and mother.

I’ve been doing one

job for ten years already,

but just with one kid.

Now I must manage

two boys, one a tweenager

and one a baby.

Their needs are just so

completely different, and

I’m here to meet them.

Now I must juggle

one extra plate, one more child

who simply needs me.

Add to that the stress

of running a library,

thousands of books that need me.

Add to that the work

of teaching four hundred kids

who simply need me.

They need their librarian

and so too do all the books

and the teachers, too.

Everyone needs me –

so many unique reasons

why – and so I’m here.

I’m here and there and

everywhere I’m needed; it’s

nice to be needed.

One thought on “#SOL22 Day 25: It’s Nice to Be Needed

  1. I feel this! I like how the voice of this poem feels like the need feels … not sure if that makes sense … it’s just that it really fits the words.
    The repeating of the word need was so powerful – reminded me of how I felt when my kids were little, and I was teaching 6th grade, and I had an intern … just felt like everyone needed me in all sorts of different ways! It is nice to be needed – but don’t forget you need yourself too!

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