#SOL22 Day 23: I-I-I’m in the Stars Tonight…

Something really funny happened today, but first a bit of backstory…

Sometime last year, while I was still pregnant with Elijah, I discovered the Korean pop group BTS. I’d heard their song “Dynamite” on TV and thought it was cool, so I looked them up on YouTube and became a fan (or “ARMY,” as their fanbase calls itself). If you haven’t already heard it, though I’m sure you have:

I went through much of my pregnancy with the speaker from my cell phone pressed against my belly, playing “Dynamite” and some of the group’s other music for Elijah to make him dance. (And dance, he did!) Now, “Dynamite” and another song of theirs called “Butter” are my go-tos to chill him out when he turns miserable, and somehow they always work. “Dynamite” even helps him to go to sleep.

Which leads me to today. I heard a small group of girls talking about BTS in the hallway, and I mentioned to them that I liked the band’s music. They looked at me like I’d sprouted a second head before their eyes – there was simply no way that a teacher, an uncool grownup like myself, could possibly like the music of a current worldwide supergroup. So I showed them my YouTube account on my phone, and the BTS playlist I keep for when I need it for Elijah or for listening to on the car rides to and from work when I’m not working on an audiobook. It blew their minds.

I think I became just a little bit cooler today?

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